To the Laundromat Lester Young (Grateful Dead)

Gosh Golly George.

i decided, while at this evenings laundromat, that the place is simply too digusting and underkept to be worthy of my clothes. as such i decided to take my business elsewhere, and by elsewhere i mean every other laundromat in east nashville. thats right, i am packing up the '93 accord and hitting the road, with some laundry and a book, to find east nashville's finest coin operated clothes cleaning machine.

while waiting for my clothes to get only moderately clean tonight i began some research into the radio documentary that mtb and i are putting together, hopefully to be aired on st. louis KDHX (88.1 fm). it is a short one hour piece on the life and music of america and jazz's very own lester young. ultimately this project will be easy enough to do in one's sleep. once you trim ten minutes for id's and station breaks, the program only needs to be fifty minutes long. roughly haalf of that time will be dedicated to music, and the other half to narration. i know, i know, its stupid, but it is the format the station requires.

anyway i begin research for this piece tonight. read a little from the "lester young reader" edited by lewis porter. the article i read was quite informative and written by the one and only john hammond. for those of you ignorant towards american musical heritage, john hammond is the man who "discovered" not only lester young and billie holiday in the '30s but bob dylan, in the '60s, and the boss himself, bruce springsteen in the '70s.

upon finishing at the 'mat i came home, put away those easily foldable clothes, and ironed six button down shirts while listening, in dolby 5.0 surround, the grateful dead dvd mr djg gave me for last year's birthday / graduation.

speaking of djg it appears he has high cholesteral and as such must drink his coffee black and consume no more than two egg yolks in one week. oh my.


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