"Down," By the River

hooray! wal*mart is in the business of matchmaking. apparently, according to american public media's "marketplace", the wal*mart chain of stores, in germany, has begun hosting singles nights wth remarkable results. as it turns out, in age groups ranging from late teens to late forties, wal*mart germany's sales go up forty-five or so percent on these singles nights. while its unclear whether or not any wal*mart couples are engaged or have been married, wal*mart america is intrigued by this information, and wal*mart canada is interested in starting a similar program.


a good way to spend time on a quiet sunny friday afternoon:

take advantage of the fifty-five degree weather and head, after work, down to the shelby bottom's park, where one can, if they choose to deviate the set path, find a nice place to sit by the great cumberland river. while the cumberland is not the mississippi river, ergo it is not, "in every way remarkable," its breadth and flow are remarkable in that middle of the country way. its pace is relaxed and its current strong. simply through proximity it has the wonderful tendancy to suggest new and peaceful paths for the human brain to follow. closing your eyes and sitting on the bank you will have a very base understanding of what really went down at the bodhi tree.


somedays, when i choose not to shower in the morning, i find that my beard itches latter in the day.

this was the case today as i was sneaking the hidden paths at shelby bottoms. whilst away from the trail my nose took in a great smell of a winter air that was ready to break on spring. this sensory intake set my mind a reeling.

again, as i stepped over brush and bent for bough, my thoughts were in the future, when i own a nice spot of land on the side of a mountain, near a stream, where i have a little cabin with a comfortable bed and a wood burning cast-iron stove. i imagine heading to this cottage in the autumn, to pick up my favourite fresh pressed apple cider and smell the leaves as they fall, and more sweetly, begin to decay.

i know it, i know it, i know it, and i often forget it. i was meant for the forest.


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