Would You Like a Little Lando with that Calrissian?

soggy pizza with riccotta cheese, a shared coke, and yawn inducing television. certainly i am tired after a long days work and that dinner didnt do much to reenergize me.

i want to go to bed, but eight pm is still a little too early.


last night mtb and i were invited to a dinner party by a stranger.

a little background. mtb and i were heading home from the grocery store a few weeks ago and got to talking about how fun it would be to have a dinner party, but a sad truth slowly dawned upon us. we dont have any friends in nashville. we decided to invite strangers, from craigslist, over to eat a meal. to make things a little more fun we will make an audio recording of the evening. their have been at least fifteen responders, one of which was a journalist with the "nashville scene" interested in writing a story about the evening. yesterday we got an email from someone inviting us to their dinner party.

it was a pretty strange event. firstly, when i walked through the door i was accosted by a women. "i know you, you work at starbucks."


"you probably dont remember me but last week i bought a cd and questioned you about why my total was so expensive.

"yeah i remember."

" well," saying to the congregation in general, still addressing me, "you politely informed me that my total was eighteen bucks because the cd was priced at 16.99. anyway we were both pretty stressed and i felt really bad afterwards."

"thats cool, no hard feelings."

from there the party filled with more people, graduate neuroscientist from vanderbilt and school empolyees. eventually a birthday girl rolled in. the only person who really was interested in talking to us was the man, tommy, who invited us over. we were seated at the counter, in front of the open wine bottle, trying to talk to him as he attempted to cook a meal. unfortunately he kept running into the living room, to either turn on or off the music, depending on whether or not the girl's on "coyote ugly" were dancing or not.

dinner consisted of a nest of asparagus with undercooked store bought polenta, overcooked shrimp, and garlic in the form of red sauce, pasta sauce, and riccotta spinach dip. due to his elaborate "nest" arrangement the entire congregation was required to come up to the counter two by two, and eat only for two minutes. as someone observed, "its like noah."

shortly after eating mtb and i left the party to listen to some jazz at our apartmetnt while cleaning a weeks worth of dirty dirty dishes.


while i am ejoying my job at, as mtb calls it, "starbies," i am growing weary of the thirty-five hour a week work schedule. i really do believe that my true nashville calling is to become a bartender.

once a tender i plan to keep my eyes and ears open, and the second mister billie dee williams comes waltzing into my drinking establishment, i'll give my favorite star wars actor a holler and say, "billy dee, what'll it be?"


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