From LP to Cassette

another friday night, at home, all alone.

dinner: baked potato, steamed broccoli, maccaroni and cheese, glass of ice water.

activities: pair timeline of lester young's life with outline of my documentary, record some select LPs (including "superwolf", "mind games", "will the circle be unbroken", "bonnie 'prince' billy sings greatest palace", and "viva last blues") onto cassette to listen to in car, watch "ghost dog", drink a small cup of scotch that was distilled before my girlfriend and my brother's were born, clean living space, and watch star trek: enterprise.

for tomorrow: clean kitchen and bed rooms, work on job application for nashville substitute teaching, find a job in DC to apply for, attend panel discussion on negro league baseball at the public library, visit farmer's market, make a stir fry, watch the x-files movie.

and remember: it is in those quiet alone moments that you can hear yourself breath.


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Blogger Asterios said...

Hey - I am also currently getting into cassettes. I was at Amoeba Records, our gigantic music shop, and realized that I could get entire albums for a dollar - on CD, it'd cost fourteen. Talking Heads: Little Creatures - a dollar! Devo's Greatest Misses: three! Elvis Costello, My Aim Is True, two damn dollars!

The other thing - you can't just skip tracks you may not like. I mean, you can fast forward but it's a pain in the ass; easier to just listen to an entire side. As a result, the whole damn album is appreciated.

11:19 PM  

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