More Power More Pep

Zorn is a one-man music industry. In the five and a half years sincehe founded Masada, he has written two hundred and five compositions for the group. He has also written dozens of very different sorts of pieces--for string trios and quartets, solo piano, woodwind ensemble, electronic grunge bands, and sumphonic orchestras. Eleven new recordings of his music were released in 1998--seven ofthem on his own label, Tzadik, which, in Hebrew, means a charismatic leader who performs righteous deeds. In Tzadik's four years of existence, it has issued a hundred and forty-two albums, most of which are by other musicians, some of whom would have no other outlet were it not for Zorn.

Kaplan, Fred. "Horn of Plenty." The New Yorker (June 14, 1999):84-90.


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