Al Final del Camino

after thirteen long years, i quietly say, and with a smile, i am getting my first boyz II men album.

it all began last sunday, april third, prior to hearing back from the internship people, more on this anon, when i went out back to take out some trash. once at the trashcans i found two bacardi neon lights: one fully functional, the other busted. while i wasn't interested in holding onto the signs for my own use, i kept them because if my trash days on the streets of boston told me one thing, anything can be traded for something. much to mtb's dismay i hauled the ugly little things into the apt. stashing one in the closet and the other in my room. to keep mtb off my back i wrote a note saying that i would pitch the signs come tuesday, if i couldnt get rid of them first.

on monday i posted an add to give away the broken sign on craigslist, for free. i also received an email from ms morrisson, with the capitol news connection, a division of PRI that tailor makes capitol hill news stories for subscribing local stations. excited that someone finally responded to a job application, i completely forgot about the signs, till late on tuesday. i hadnt heard back from anyone on craigslist, and knowing that these signs were valuable to someone, i posted again, this time in jest, offering to trade the neon signs for "your favorite boyz II men album." i only half heartedly hoped to get a response.

eventually i did hear back from some people who offered to buy me a copy of a particular boyz II men album for me, in exchange for the sign. that was a little much, so i told these folk that i would trade the neon for anything. they never responded...

finally today, the day that was supposed to be marked as a quiet day of preparation for and the occurence of the actual phone interview (unfortunately postponed) i exchanged 19 emails with a belmont student who was willing trade their copy of "cooleyhighharmony (spanish edition)" for both lights.

and there you have it. i am trading space consuming, electricity consuming, and taste consuming advertisements (for super sub standard "rum") in exchange for an album, both in english and spanish, featuring four excellent vocalist, together, as the best selling R&;B act ever, including two version of "end of the road" (al final del camino) a song that spent thirteen weeks as the billboard number one, and subsequently consume no space, no electricity, and will never lack in taste.

by the time that the phone call comes, at 4 pm EST, on monday afternoon, where i will have to prove my worth as a potential intern for a national news program, i will be riding high and confident on the wave of pleasure, which is sure to be, boyz II men,



the east coast family.


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