Electric Britches

please consider:

on the dash of my car there sits, resting, a patch of wheatgrass that has been growing patiently for several days now. perhaps in another week or so i can harvest those luscious greens for use in another smoothie, providing me with all my required vitamins and minerals and not a single toxin.

as such:

one might infer that i have begun work in a natural food market. for those making this rather deft inference, i applaud thee. the turnip truck is a privately run, handsome and friendly, natural and organic market standing proudly in historic east nashville. i absolutely love this job; i absolutely love coming to work and being greeted by locally grown leeks, and organic daffodil greens.


i am pleased and honored to be part of this history, if only as a spectator. certainly this music and its life has impacted my own.

currently on the chopping block:

the charles lloyd quartet
"dream weaver"

1. autumn sequence
a) autumn prelude
b) autumn leaves
c) autumn echo


2. dream weaver
a) meditation
b) dervish dance


3. bird flight


4. love ship


5. sombrero sam


charles lloyd, t. sax & flute
keith jarrett, piano
cecil mcbee, bass
jack dejohnette, drums


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