Clarinet Concerto in A Major K.622

three things:

1. new blue jeans
2. is concerti the plural of concerto?
3. making a little fudge

1. to celebrate my birth and my new life in nashville, this evening i purchased a brand new pair of blue blue jeans. sure enough as i type the newly purchased denim is forming to my lower body. they are a good fit, which is comforting, because while i feel pretty damn hot wearing them, that hottness is undermined by awkwardness. you have to realize that it has been over a decade since i have worn any denim on my body, and it will certainly take a little time to adjust to a clothing item that much of america takes for granted.

brought mtb to the mall with me, for the purchasing session, since the other day he voiced interested in dipping into the fasionable world. surely, i thought, j.crew couldnt do him much harm. while i know that malls make him squeamish, i didnt think that he would high tail it out of there twenty-six seconds after entering the crew, and a minute and a half more after entering the mail. i used to be just like him, but it took a very special someone to break me in.

2. upon arriving back at the house mtb uncharacteristically suggested we listen to a little mozart. "sha'nuff," i said, "whad'ya wanna hear?"

"how about the clarinet concerto?"

"the one in 'a mjor'? sounds good to me." i went into m's room, squatted, uncoverd his mozart box, and felt the blue blue denim molding to my rear as i stood back up. walking out of the dark quarters i wondered aloud, "the plural of concerto is concerti, right?"

"i think so."

3. after dropping the proverbial needle on the cd i strutted my new pants into the kitchen, carried by mozart's clarinet, where mtb had already begun work on what would be the evenings first of two batches of fudge. who knew four point five cups of sugar, a can of evaporated milk, and two and a half cups of chocolate could go so far? who knew making fudge could be so easy? who knew that more than a spoonful of fudge was more than enough? not i.


Blogger Chris said...

"Concerti" is indeed the plural of "concerto," but it's impossible to say it without sounding smug and self-important. I'm perfectly happy with throwing caution to the wind and saying "concertos." It just seems more human.

11:06 AM  

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