Tippecanoe and Tyler Too

mtb has taken it upon himself to memorize all the presidents names and the order in which they served. in order to do this he takes several minutes out of every work day and reads a few presidential bios, on the white houses official webpage, www.whitehouse.gov. thus far he knows them from george washington through ulysses s. grant.

this evening mtb and i went to the regal theater in green hills, just outside nashville, and saw the film "sideways." a truly enjoyable flick, "sideways," follows a couple of old thirty-something college budies as they explore cali's wine country the week prior to one of their marriages. its a pretty simple set up, where one of the bodies, played by the actor who played wade on nbc's "wings", is an actor in the film and about to be married. the protagonist is a middle school english teacher and an aspiring novelist with an almost obsessive knowledge of wine. the former is all about having a good time while the later is depressed still trying to come to terms with his divorce, which occurred two years prior.

regardless of this weak film synopsis, or what have you, the film was very successful in a variety of areas, the most pertinent to this post is that it very successfully discusses the finer aspects of wine appreciation with a generally ignorant audience. anyway, upon arriving home, well after one a.m., mtb and i decided to crack open a pinot noir that i had saved and live up a little wine tasting life as we listen to some fine jazz and some even finer mandolin compositions.

i think tonight both of us will retire with a smile on our faces and slightly intoxicated knowing that tomorrow we must clean up the millions of dishes left from the dinner party and face increasingly frigid temps...a high on monday of 25!

nonetheless wine drinking prospects are up as mtb is interested in exploring that world and i am eager to share my one last fine bottle of wine, saved from my charles st. liqour days, with mtb and r when she visits in april.

just four more months!


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