Three Cool Cats, and Variations

so the dinner party. it was a surprising success.

to start with we had marinated tofu. then we moved on to make your own spring rolls with rice noodles, carrots, cucumber, mung bean sprouts, bok choy, and cilantro. for dessert we had lotus flower pastires topped with green tea ice cream, coconut cream, and mango. everyone seemed to enjoy these asian-ish offerings.

the people.

andy was the first to show up. mr. foote is thirty three and owns a custom built drum shop here in nashville. a quiet, four eyed man, and was good for conversation and politeness. definately a fellow that i would have over for dinner again.

susan once owned and was an acrobat in a small treveling circus. i dont know if i should believe this. i also don't know whether or not i should believe that she just purchased a four acre house with a barn, especially because she was so insistent on not having a job, or any money, but i suppose the lack of money can be written up to being a home owner. she was polite and also a friendly conversationalist.

quincy was the quiet one. a black man from birmingham he seemed to be a great guy, who works with homeless substance abusers and the metnally insane, trying to keep the off the street and healthy, so they don't end up dead or in the hospital.

i guess you have read it twice now, but everyone was polite and eager to converse. the talk circled the personal, of the get to know each other variety. there were no offenses, casual drinking, and never a lull in the conversation.

coming away from the evening i feel confident that i can through a successful dinner party, preparing food that all enjoy, and providing for a friendly environment. also, in the social realm, i see that i can compitently discuss music, film, current events, history, art, and a variety of other subjects that can be summed up as life experiences and general knowledge.

i am not inept.


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