Winter Wunder, Kind

the city is quiet today, in reflection, and in patience, as cars slowly make their way across the icy nashvillian streets.

after cleaning the dishes, and packing for the trip back home, i decided to give the hot water heater some time to revive before i bathe, and take a walk.

the slickness of the streets makes this a challenge, but eager eyes and chilled ears pushed me forward.

along this walk, the most notable things included a child's toy motorcycle, missing its front wheel, yellow and frozen fimly to the ground, and all the green undergrowth, grass, ivy, clovers, frozen still, in time. little frosted trees for the miniature people in our minds and hearts, read borrowers, to wonder at in the mid-day's white glow.

i always make it a priority to walk in the wintery weather. it is one of my preferred modes of reflection. the stillness, and preferably falling snow, remind me of the fantastic, opening up the mental doors to visions of both past, present, and future.

if given the choice to time travel, to one particular moment, or stretch of time, before and beyond all others, these days, i know exactly where i would travel to. a wintery night in boston, december, 2001, where i took a glorious walk with a young college friend of mine, up from texas, and experiencing her first glimpse of full blown wintery goodness. see, it doesnt hurt when you fall. i havent seen such a perfect snow since, and i question whether i ever will again.


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